BabyStimulator App Info

Turn off multitasking gestures

To prevent your baby from accidentally exiting this app, go to Settings and turn OFF "Multitasking Gestures". Multitasking gestures lets you use four-finger swipes on the screen to switch between apps and pinching to get to the Home screen.

App usage

The BabyStimulator is created on the terms of stimulating your baby - whenever and wherever, with or without you. The app introduce slideshow, symbols, contrasts, some coloring, “touch and follow” and last but not least the possibility to interact. These features will stimulate your baby’s visual, hearing and tactile senses, while also encourage interaction.

Your baby between 0-3 months does not have a fully developed vision. At this time you can stimulate the vision using sharp contrasts, preferably in black and white, with relaxing music to soothe and comfort. The slideshow is a great supplement to stimulate your baby at this age.  

Sometimes between 3-6 months your baby has developed a clear and good vision, and may now see all colors. Still, your baby prefers contrast and bright colors. Now it’s time to introduce the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Take a moment with your baby and use the first stimulator - it's time to interact.

When your baby reaches 6-12 months you may notice that your baby is more interested in the world around itself. Let your baby play with the other stimulators, as well as "touch and follow". Your baby will love this! Even older babies up to 24 months may enjoy this kind of interaction.

Remember that your baby’s persistence does not stay for long, so let the baby play on its own terms.

Enjoy BabyStimulator, made by a pre-school teacher.


Feel free to send us an e-mail with suggestions or improvement tips. We're going to release updates from time to time, so you're feedback will be valuable.